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Howard the Duck – Champion Spotlight

Howard the Duck

When Howard was whisked away from his detective agency in New York City to the Battlerealm, he didn’t know what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect to be shoved into some back warehouse, organizing the Collector’s Crystals all day. Well, an insult like this won’t just run off this duck’s back. He’s “borrowed” a spare ISO-Loader, made some upgrades, and attached an old friend; his famous Big Freaking Gun. It’s time for Howard to introduce these so-called Champions to the ultimate fighting style of his home universe, Quack-Fu!

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Doctor Voodoo – Champion Spotlight

Doctor Voodoo

Jericho Drumm was born to a poor area of Haiti. He found his escape, travelling to America to attend school, but returned when his brother Daniel became seriously ill, and died. Respecting his brother’s dying wish, Jericho sought out a Houngan priest to begin his own training. Jericho soon became a Supreme Houngan in his own right, with his pure heart and mystical strength leading him to eventually take the mantle of Doctor Voodoo, new Sorcerer Supreme.

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Mordo – Champion Spotlight


An advanced student of the mystic arts and fellow pupil of The Ancient One, Mordo saw the potential in the fledgling apprentice Stephen Strange and took him under his wing when the one-time neurosurgeon first sought healing. Like Strange, Mordo came to Kamar-Taj lost and broken. The Ancient One helped channel Mordo’s anger and led him down the path to enlightenment. While Mordo sees a bit of himself in Strange, his reason for vetting him is much shrewder – in the fight against unknowable darkness, Kamar-Taj needs all the help it can muster.

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Ghost Rider – Champion Spotlight

Ghost Rider

Tricked by the demonic being Mephisto into selling his soul to save a loved one, stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze soon found himself bonded to the Spirit of Vengeance, a being of almost unlimited power from Hell itself. With the power to control Hellfire as well as his mystical Hell Cycle and Hell Chains, Ghost Rider has turned against Mephisto’s purpose and instead uses his newfound abilities to protect the innocent and cast judgment upon the wicked

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Phoenix – Champion Spotlight


Though Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force have long been separated, their bond is unique. More than a mere host, Jean is a part of the Phoenix, as the Phoenix is a part of her. When Jean was brought to the Battlerealm and exposed to ISO-8, the highly mutagenic properties of ISO-8 reopened Jean’s latent connection the universal force of life, and the Phoenix was reborn again, this time into The Contest of Champions!

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Quake – Champion Spotlight


When she was a teenager, Daisy Johnson, alias Quake, had her earth-shaking powers accidentally awakened as a result of her mother’s Inhuman lineage. Her devastating powers caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nick Fury took her under his wing to train and mentor her. Her ability to target seismic waves with pinpoint accuracy makes her one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most skilled and powerful agents.

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